Mini Gender Charger
DB25 F/F Mini Gender Changer


DB25 F/F Mini Gender Changer

Convert a DB25 male connection to a DB25 female connection; use for parallel or serial applications.
DB25P F- DB25P F
Mainly used to computer, pc, copy machine, DVD player, Digital camera, LCD Monitor
1) For Mini Gender Changer, we can produce DB9 to DB9, DB15 to DB15, DB25 to DB25, DB37 to DB37, DB50 to DB50, CN14 to CN14, CN36 to CN36, CN50 to CN50, HD15 to HD15, DB9 to DB9, HD15 to DB15, MD to DB9, etc. We are sure we can provide various kinds of mini gender changers which can meet your demands with high quality and best service.
2) Mini gender changers act as adapters and cables because its function is the same. Whats more, it is smaller and it is space saved. With these mini gender changer, we will not annoyed by the cluttered cables and make it neat.

3) All ROHS compliance